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Children's dental health is a fundamental aspect of their overall well-being. Good oral hygiene from an early age not only prevents short-term dental problems but also lays the foundation for long-lasting oral health. At Global Dent Dental Clinic, with our locations in Villeray, Hochelaga, and Ste-Julie, we understand the importance of providing quality dental treatments and educating parents on how to care for their children's teeth. In this blog, we will explore the most common dental treatments for children, as well as tips and recommendations for maintaining optimal oral health from childhood.

Common Dental Treatments for Children

1. Professional Dental Cleaning Professional dental cleaning is essential to prevent cavities and gum diseases. During these visits, a dental hygienist will remove accumulated plaque and tartar that cannot be eliminated with daily brushing.


  • Schedule dental cleanings every six months.

  • Teach children the importance of brushing and flossing.

2. Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (molars and premolars). These sealants act as a protective barrier against tooth decay.


  • Apply sealants as soon as the permanent molars have erupted.

  • Check the sealants during regular dental visits and reapply if necessary.

3. Fluoride Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities. Fluoride treatments can be applied in the dental office through gels, foams, or varnishes.


  • Use fluoride toothpaste for daily brushing.

  • Consult with the dentist about the need for additional fluoride treatments.

4. Dental Fillings When a cavity has caused damage to a tooth, a dental filling may be necessary. Fillings can be made from various materials, including amalgam, composite resin, or porcelain.


  • Encourage good hygiene habits to prevent the formation of cavities.

  • Follow the dentist's recommendations on the most suitable type of filling.

5. Tooth Extractions In some cases, it may be necessary to extract a baby tooth to allow proper growth of permanent teeth or to avoid complications. Extractions may also be necessary if a tooth is severely damaged by decay or trauma.


  • Ensure the child receives proper postoperative care.

  • Follow the dentist's instructions for pain management and infection prevention.


The Global Dent Dental Clinic located in Villeray, Hochelaga, and Ste-Julie is the perfect place to receive quality care for your teeth and smile. We offer a wide range of dental services, including preventive and cleaning treatments, bite correction, and dental whitening. We also offer emergency services to help alleviate pain and protect your dental health.

Our team of highly qualified dentists is dedicated to providing you with high-quality treatment and helping you maintain a healthy and radiant smile. Among our services, we have dental restoration, dental aesthetics, dental prosthetics, periodontics, dental implants, orthodontics, endodontics, professional cleaning, and emergency services.

At the Global Dent dental center, we are committed to serving all people living in Montreal and Rive-Sud. If you need an appointment or have a dental emergency, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you. We hope to see you soon at the Global Dent Dental Clinic!


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