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Endodontics is the dental specialty concerned with the study and treatment of the dental pulp, aiming to prevent tooth loss. To do this, the affected dental pulp is removed as well as the microorganisms installed there, leaving a resulting cavity, which is filled and sealed with inert and biocompatible material. On the other hand, it also fights the infection installed in the periodontal support tissues.


Although caries is the main cause of inflammation and infection of dental nerves, there are also other reasons for resorting to this treatment, such as trauma, fractures, abrasion, wear, complications during some restorative treatments, etc. All these situations are associated with specific symptoms:

-Dental sensitivity to cold and/or heat.
-Inflammation of the gums
-Discomfort when chewing
-Change in the color of the tooth

Endodontics, or root canal treatment, is a safe and effective technique, of which there is nothing to worry about. Although it is performed under local anesthesia, it is common to fell slight pain after root canal treatment. However, you should not lose your calm because the discomfort will disappear within a few days.

Types of endodontics

At Global Dent, we identity the type of endodontic treatment you will need, depending on the number of canals that the tooth has.

Uniradicular endodontics: This procedure is performed on teeth with a single root or pulp canal, which are usually incisors and canines.

Multiradicular endodonticsThe treatment is performed on teeth with two or more canals, such as premolars and molars.

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