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The loss of several or of all teeth has the following consequences: headaches, jaw articulation problems, loss of space between the teeth, and it can generally lead to malnutrition in older people. We recommend replacing missing teeth with a prosthesis to regain your smile again.


Dental prostheses are artificial elements that restore the anatomy of one or more theeth, allowing the patient to revocer the function and esthetics of his or her dentition. Otherwise, these losses can lead to other problems such as migration of the remaining theeth, malnutrition, jaw joint dysfunction, headaches and pronunciation problems. These prostheses are mare with materials that not only provide a very realistic appearance, but also restore chewing function, contributing significantly to the overall health of the patient. At Global Dent we elaborate customized prostheses, according to the needs of each patient.

They are those that cannot be removed by the patient, that is, they must be removed by a dentist in case they want to be evicted. Among them we can offer you:

Tooth-supported fixed crowns or bridges. These prostheses serve to restore one or several teeth. They are placed on the previously prepared teeth, being them their only support.

Hybrid prosthetics on implants. They combine the fixation of the implants with the mucosal surface of the gums to adjust the prosthesis. They are recommended in patients with considerable bone resorption. Hybrid prostheses are made using acrylic materials. To clean them, the patient must go to the dental office, where the dentist will remove the prosthesis to sanitize it and keep it in good condition.


They are attached inside the mouth to other teeth by means of retainers and/or adhesives. They are a great alternative for those who for medical or economic reasons cannot opt for a fixed prosthesis.

They can be partial or complete, depending on the number of teeth they replace: If the patient has no teeth and needs to recuperate the dentition, a complete removable prothesis is the best choice.

If the patient has a few theeth left on the dental arcade, a removable partial prothesis can be used.

If the patient has several theeth left on the dental arcade, removable skeletal prostheses are recommended. This modality of dental prosthesis achieves a better fixation without the need for clasps, male and female connectors can be used.

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