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A large implant rehabilitation is usually a long and complicated case. However, with good planning, great results can be achieved in short periods of time.

The new clinical case that we are sharing today is from a periodontal patient. The patient came in for a consultation with great mobility in practically the entire mouth. After a thorough evaluation and evaluation with photos, X-rays, and CT, the decision was made to extract all the parts with mobility and the fixed rehabilitation with implants. To preserve the aesthetics of the soft tissues, an immediate loading prosthesis was made on provisional CAD-CAM implants before the extractions were carried out. In this way, the patient was able to maintain both the aesthetics and functionality of her teeth in the time required for osseointegration before the placement of the definitive prosthesis on implants.

Once the osseointegration time is over, approximately three months after their placement, and after several occlusion and aesthetics tests, we place the definitive prosthesis, obtaining this great result. We hope you like it!


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