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The acceptance of orthodontic treatments is usually well received by children since they are generally very willing to wear them. However, orthodontics with aligners can be even more fun for them due to the fact that they can interact with them in some ways, thus making them much more rewarding and even more attractive.

Orthodontic treatments are progressing at a good pace and invisible orthodontics using aligners are surpassing conventional orthodontic treatments with brackets. Invisible orthodontics are much more comfortable for the patient, they do not cause canker sores, there is no risk of loose brackets, it minimizes the number of visits to the dentist, it favors oral hygiene, and it is also clearly more aesthetic. In other words, having an invisible orthodontic treatment is the perfect solution to correct dental malposition.

The problem that we have observed with invisible orthodontics in children was that it lacked a fun factor. We had that fun factor with conventional brackets since they allowed us to place ligatures of any choice of colour to place around the brackets. But now, invisible orthodontics also have the possibility of giving a fun approach to your treatments. We achieve this thanks to the possibility of placing different stickers on your aligners that can be changed throughout the treatment.

There are no more excuses for children not to wear invisible orthodontics. They will surely appreciate this type of treatment and its results.


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